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Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

In circumstances such as an automobile accident or a fall, an individual may, through no fault of their own, sustain injury and be entitled to compensation. In our system of civil justice, the only form of compensation is monetary damages. The assistance of an attorney is necessary because litigation may be involved. Since becoming an attorney, Richard Rumery has practiced this kind of litigation. Every personal injury matter he has handled has resulted in a favorable settlement or judgment for his clients.

Criminal Defense

Anyone charged with a criminal offense has a constitutional right to be represented by counsel, whether or not the charges are justified. For more than 30 years, as both a private investigator and an attorney, Richard Rumery has represented individuals charged with criminal conduct. His background is strictly in criminal defense, not in prosecution, which is an advantage to clients. Former prosecutors often tend to identify more with the prosecution, and don't have the experience and mind-set for the vigorous defense of clients that he does.

Criminal Appeals

An individual convicted of a crime has the right to appeal the conviction. Richard Rumery has handled over 150 appeals, including approximately 10 published appeal opinions. This means his work on those cases helped create legal precedent.

Wrongful Death

As in personal injury cases, someone may be killed due to the negligence of another person. In those cases, surviving relatives may have a civil claim that gives them rights to seek monetary compensation for the loss of their loved one. (For more information see personal injury.)

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation includes all types of disputes which could result in monetary compensation or the determination of certain rights. Consultation with the attorney could help the individual understand what remedies may be available.

Sexual Harassment

In a work environment, sexual harassment occurs when an employee is subject to unwelcome verbal or physical sexual behavior that is either severe or pervasive. There are generally two types of sexual harassment: hostile work environment or quid pro quo. In the hostile work environment, the harassment may be verbal or physical but in all cases it is so severe and pervasive that it is difficult to work without being subjected to some form of sexual onslaught. With quid pro quo, the employee is subject to performing sexual favors in return for a benefit. In all cases, sexual harassment is illegal and the victim has the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. Since becoming an attorney, Richard Rumery has handled numerous sexual harassment matters resulting in favorable settlements and a favorable jury verdict for his clients