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Richard Rumery’s Profile

Richard Rumery has been licensed as a lawyer since being sworn in by the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Fresno California on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1988. He is approaching his 27th year as an attorney. Prior to being an attorney, he was a Private Investigator which he did over eleven (11) years. Before his legal profession he even had another life in which he was a journeyman chef and a journeyman baker. He was also a school instructor specializing in physical education, which he did for two years.

Being a lawyer has been a very satisfying profession for Richard because he takes great pride in being able to assist others in their time of need. It is extremely rewarding to obtain a satisfying financial settlement in a civil matter and to obtain a good result in a criminal matter such as a decent settlement or in the best case scenario a "not guilty" verdict after trial.

As a lawyer, he has focused his skills on becoming a trial lawyer. He firmly believes in the words of America's famous lawyer, Clarence Darrow, "that the only true lawyer is a trial lawyer." Since becoming a lawyer, he has done over 130 trials with a great degree of success. Richard handles both civil and criminal cases. Of the civil cases, all have resolved favorably either with a settlement or judgment after trial. As to criminal defense he has experienced a great degree of success at trial in that he has won approximately 70 percent of his cases. In other words, the jury has returned "not guilty" verdicts.

On the civil side, Richard primarily focuses on personal injury cases, such as automobile accidents but also enjoys handling employment matters such as wrongful termination and sexual harassment. In 2011, he represented a female client who was over the age of 50 who believes she was constructively terminated from her near thirty year employment with Kings County because of her age. Due to the arrogance of Kings County they did not try to settle her case before it went to trial. It did go to trial in June of 2011 and the trial lasted eight days. It did not take the jury long to deliberate and they returned a verdict within six hours. The jury of twelve unanimously decided to award her $500,000.00 in damages.

As to criminal cases he handles anything from simple trespassing to capital murder. Success in criminal defense takes many forms. For instance, in a death penalty case if the jury votes for life in prison without parole that is a success to the defense lawyer because his client did not get a death sentence. Other times negotiating a plea agreement that is palatable to your client is also a success. Of the most serious criminal cases, Richard has handled two death penalty cases and several other special circumstances murder cases that could have resulted in the District Attorney seeking death. Of the two death penalty cases, one went to trial and the jury returned a verdict of second degree murder. While this was not a total victory, it was a victory for Richard because the client did not get a death sentence, or a life without parole sentence and instead got a sentence of life with the possibility of parole. The other death penalty case was settled with the District Attorney agreeing to withdraw the death charge and agreeing to settle with a charge of manslaughter which included gun and gang enhancements. That client got a sentence of 26 years, which is a long time but is not death nor is it life without parole. Plus, this client now has a future because he will be paroled. At the time of the crime he was 18 years old, therefore he will be paroled before he is 40 years old. That is still young and if he makes good use of his time he will see freedom again. All of these factors are successes to a criminal defense lawyer.

As to complete victories, Richard did a trial in 2011 where his client was charged with 5 counts of child molestation. We firmly believed these charges were not true and vigorously defended the client and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty to all 5 counts. In 2012 Richard did another serious sex case trial where his client was charged with rape. Again we believed these charges were not true believing the sex acts were consensual and not forced. We vigorously defended this client and the jury also returned not guilty verdicts to the four counts.

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Visalia Car accident lawyer2002 - Richard at a seaside restaurant on the island of Madeira in Portugal. Madeira is an island in the Atlantic about 300 miles off the coast of North Africa.
Visalia Car accident lawyerJune 2012 - Vacation Cruise from Miami, FL to Barcelona, Spain.
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Outside of the law Richard has many other interests. For over 15 years he has been a member of Rotary International and enjoys his participation because Rotary is involved in charitable activities on both the international and local levels. He really appreciates the fact that his Rotary Club supports many local charities that he truly believes in. Additionally, he was on the board of directors of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for 10 years and served two years as its president. He has many other interests including being physically active. He has been involved with aerobic activities since 1970, primarily running and basketball. Now he is into the elliptical machine and occasionally walks. In addition, he enjoys motorcycle riding and has owned a Harley Davidson V-Rod since 2003. His current ride is a 2012 Harley Davidson V-Rod called the "Night Rod Special." His favorite jaunt is a weekly ride into the mountains up to the town of Badger to visit the Mountain House which is a bar/restaurant at the intersection of Highway 245 and Dry Creek Drive (J-21). Richard also enjoys reading and traveling. He and his wife of 29 years Beth, have visited close to 30 countries in the past 15 years and look forward to visiting many more in future years.

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Beth Rumery Profile

Beth and Richard have been married since 1984. Their anniversary is January 1st because as Beth says she likes having the whole world celebrate with her. Beth has her bachelors degree and a Masters Degree in Organizational Management. She has always been in leadership positions in her employment. Beth has many interests including reading, participating with a women's reading group, and involvement in women's leadership organizations.She is a good friend to many and enjoys the fellowship of her friends and colleagues. She is also an avid traveler having visited almost 30 countries in the past 15 years. There are many more in her future. Her 2012 adventure, along with her husband took them from Miami Florida on a cross Atlantic cruise to Barcelona Spain. It was her third time to Spain.

Beth is currently the Human Resources Manger for Employee Services for Adventist Health - Central Valley. Her responsibilities include process analysis and improvement, team development, and oversight of processes and systems related to employee benefits, records and onboarding for 2,800 employees working in hospitals, urban and rural clinics, and medical offices serving Kings, Tulare and Fresno Counties.

Beth Rumery in Barcelona Spain.
Sexual harassment lawyer of Tulare, CA2010 - Richard and his wife Beth in Northern Israel at the Lebanon Border
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